I have never made an online purchase before, how can I be sure that your brand is reputable?
Sonal’s Bijoux is one of Mumbai’s premiere designer jewellery brands. We have been in operation for over 4 years and have built a loyal following of appreciative patrons. Over the past years we have been featured in numerous reputable publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, Femina, L’Officiel, Marwar, Solitaire International, Hi Blitz, Femina Brides, Harper’s Bazaar Bride to name a few. Our jewellery has adorned celebrities such as Kajol and Miss India 2013 Navneet Kaur Dhillon.

Our brand Adawna is a new endeavour to bring the principles of high end craftsmanship to the world of Silver Jewellery. One can expect the same standards of quality and service from it that have set Sonal’s Bijoux apart as a premium jewellery brand. So relax and enjoy your shopping! We are here for the long haul and look forward to serving you for many years to come.
Do you also have a store that I can visit?
We sure do! You can come over to our design studio in Juhu, Mumbai any time between 12:00 - 19:00, Mon - Sat. Our studio address is available in the ‘Contact Us’ Section of our website.
Do I need to register before purchasing the product?
Yes you do. While you can browse our website without registering, it is desirable for you to establish your individual identity with us before we can ship your purchases to you. Registering also allows us to build an individual relationship with you, whereby we can inform you of promotions, sales and special offers that we might have, just for you!
How safe is my personal information?
As a matter of policy we do not save or store any of your payment information on our servers, while our partner CCAvenue uses the most powerful Verisign secure socket layer (SSL) for encrypting customer data during transmission, thus ensuring a very high level of safety for your data. Even your basic contact details can only be accessed by entering the username and password selected by you.
Can I customise an order?
We are not offering this feature at the moment, but we might do so with the online launch of our Gold & Diamond Jewellery brand, Sonal’s Bijoux. So keep an eye out for future announcements!
Where is your Jewellery made?
Most, if not all our jewellery is made in our factory in Mumbai, India.
Do you sell gift cards or gift certificates?
Would it be any fun if we didn’t? Gifting is one of the best experiences one can have. To help you in this wonderful endeavour, we provide Gift Cards in increments of Rs.5000/-, starting from Rs.5,000/- up to Rs.50,000/- . All our Gift certificates come with a validity of 6 months from the date of purchase. Only a single gift certificate can be used against an order. Although an order can contain multiple items.


What is Sonal’s Bijoux?
Sonal’s Bijoux is our brand of Gold & Diamond Jewellery. Launched in December 2010, Sonal's Bijoux has a firm grounding in excellent creative concepts and the core values of fairness and equitable business practices.
Our focus on quality craftsmanship is clearly defined with craftsmen that are highly skilled and remunerated, for their skilful handling of precious metals and gemstones. With Sonal, the creative mind behind the brand personally monitoring the entire process, the transition of designs from the drawing board into intricately crafted jewels is smooth and flawless. Sonal's Bijoux today stands proud as a shining beacon of what high end jewellery ought to be.
What kind of jewellery design concepts and products do you have in your collection?
Sonal's Bijoux is a unique amalgamation of Indian aesthetics and international trends. Our designs styles vary from vintage, contemporary to classic. With our focus on designing and crafting excellence, we produce a very limited number of pieces each year. As a design house, a majority of our designs are custom made for our clients and are as varied as the people we serve.

In terms of products, we make everything from Earrings, Rings, Bangles, Bracelets, Pendants to Necklaces. Our ready collection is more a means for us to showcase our design variety and crafting prowess rather than a medium for us to generate sales, most of which we do through customised products.
What is the price range of your products?
Our products start from Rs.10,000 onwards.
Are your products certified?
Yes! All of products are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity with the details of your purchase clearly written for your reference. So rest easy, while our commitment to quality is not written in stone, it is written in plastic, which does last for a 1000 years!
Where can I buy your products?
Products from Sonal’s Bijoux will soon be available for purchase from our website, or if you’re in Mumbai, India, you can visit us at our Design Studio to make your purchase or place your order!
What is Adawna?
Adawna is our brand of Designer Silver Jewellery that is set with genuine Swarovski Crystals and gemstones.
What kind of jewellery design concepts and products do you have in your collection?
Like Sonal’s Bijoux, our brand of Gold & Diamond Jewellery, Adawna is also driven by Indian aesthetics fused with international tastes. Our designs usually vary between Contemporary Fusion and Classic. At present Adawna has launched a collection of Bangles and Earrings. We will soon expand this to Rings and eventually neck pieces like Pendants & Necklaces.
What is the difference between Adawna and other Silver Jewellery brands?
Adawna makes High-End Silver jewellery. This means that our products are often indistinguishable from Gold & Diamond jewellery. To achieve this opulent look we use genuine Swarovski Crystals & master craftsmen to create our pieces. We neither cut corners on the quality of material used nor do we allow anyone below the grade of expert craftsmen to make our jewellery. We believe in the adage, ‘You get what you pay for’.
What is the price range of your products?
While this variable keeps changing, at the moment we have Earrings in the range of Rs.15,000 – Rs.50,000 while we have single bangles in the range of Rs.20,000 – Rs.40,000 (x2 for a pair).
Is your Silver Jewellery durable?
Absolutely! To give our Silver jewellery lasting shine, we apply a special coating that gives the rhodium polish on our jewellery extra shine and durability. While all jewellery, whether gold or silver is susceptible to wear and tear from chemicals like perfumes, soaps and things like dirt and sweat, there is no reason to worry about your jewellery. Regular care in cleaning and storage will ensure that your jewellery keeps shining for a long time to come. To share our experience, we have seen that different types of Rhodium polishes seem to have a varied life cycle. It is inevitable that any piece of jewellery whether gold or silver will eventually require re-polishing, but in our specific experience with Silver jewellery we have found that White Rhodium has the maximum durability, followed by Black Rhodium and finally Yellow & Rose Rhodium polish. Despite this minor difference in durability of the different coloured polishes, the coating that we use as a layer between the Silver and Rhodium Polish provides lasting shine for all our products!
Are your products certified?
Yes! All of products are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity with the details of your purchase clearly written for your reference. So rest easy, while our commitment to quality is not written in stone, it is written in plastic, which does last for a 1000 years!
Where can I buy your products?
Adawna products can be purchased from our website, or if you’re in Mumbai, India, you can visit us at our Design Studio to make your purchase or place your order!


While making online payment, how do I choose a payment gateway?
During the process of placing your order or buying a gift card, if you choose an online method of payment, you will be given the option of selecting a payment gateway. The choice will be between CCAvenue & Paypal. Any buyer using an Indian issued Credit/Debit card or Net Banking facility made available by their bank in India must use CCAvenue as their payment gateway. CCAvenue provides a payment solution for all our patrons using Indian payment options to make their purchase. On the other hand, any buyer using International Payment Options like a Credit Card issued by a bank outside India, must use Paypal to make their payment.
Can you show me examples to help me understand which payment gateway I should choose?
Sure! The following examples will make it easier for you to choose the correct payment gateway:
  • The option to pay through Paypal has been given for the sole purpose of processing international payment options. Eg: If a Credit Card issued by Bank of America is being used to pay your billed amount then you must select Paypal as your payment gateway. Whether you are residing in India or abroad, your payment option is an international one. Paypal is thus the correct payment gateway for you.
  • The option of using CCAVENUE has been given for the sole purpose of processing Indian payment options. Eg: If an International Credit/Debit card issued by ICICI Bank is used to pay your billed amount then you must select CCAvenue as your payment gateway. Whether you are residing in India or any other country, as your payment option is Indian, CCAvenue is the correct payment gateway for you.


What are the payment options available to me?
As an a Domestic/Indian buyer you have the option of making Online or Offline payment for your purchases on our website. We offer multiple online methods to you for making payment for your purchases on our website. E.g. Credit Card & Debit Card, Net Banking etc. All Credit/Debit card details remain confidential and private. Our trusted payment gateways use SSL encryption technology to protect your card information. We also provide domestic consumers (In India) the option of offline payments through Cash & Cheque Deposit in our bank account. For arranging offline payments please contact us on after placing an order request to finalise payment modalities. To help ensure a smooth payment experience, please contact us before making your payment through cash or cheque deposit.
Are there any restrictions on the Offline Payment modes?
Yes! Due to the problem of managing and tracking offline payments, we have placed certain restrictions on this mode of payment.
  • Cash or Cheque deposit for any order has to be completed as one single payment. You cannot make payment through multiple cheques or cash deposits. Such multiple payments will not be accounted as payment made against your order and any charges and/or penalties incurred to reverse such payments will be payable by the buyer.
  • Any cheque payment made must be made from the bank account of the person from whose registered account the order has been placed on
Are there any hidden charges?
The final amount you see on the order confirmation page is what you will be charged.
Are prices on subject to change?
Prices on are subject to change without notice. Please expect to be charged the price for the Sonal’s Bijoux or Adawna products you buy as it is listed on the day of purchase.
Are any EMI options available for my purchase?
Certain credit card companies provide EMI facility. This option will be available for selection during the payment process.


What are the payment options available to me?
For international orders using International payment options (as mentioned above) we accept payment through Paypal.
Are there any hidden charges?
The final amount you see on the order confirmation page is what you will be charged. We do not levy additional charges in any other way or form.
Are prices on subject to change?
Prices on are subject to change without notice. Please expect to be charged the price for the Sonal’s Bijoux or Adawna products you buy as it is listed on the day of purchase
Do international transactions carry any additional charges/costs?
All international transactions on our website are executed through PayPal. We levy a Transaction Facility Charge of 1.75% on the total of the product and shipping & insurance values after adjusting gift card amount if any. This charge is unfortunately necessitated due to the high cost of international currency transactions. We will reduce or remove this charge as soon as circumstances allow.

Also, International buyers should note that often multiple currency conversions by international payment gateways can lead to minor variations in their billed amount. This is no way benefits us as we receive only the billed invoice value.


How much to you charge for shipping?
The short answer is, we don't! We provide free delivery/shipping on all items within India. As for international shipments, the cost of shipping varies with the country being shipped to. We charge a standard rate of shipping & insurance for the 25 countries, which comprise our default coverage area.
If your country falls outside our coverage area, please contact us either before or after placing your order. We will try and give you a customised quotation for the shipping & insurance charges to your selected destination.
How long will it take to ship my order?
Shipping time depends on the complexity of the product but it is generally around 12-14 working days for products like Earrings & Rings. Bangles & Necklaces may take a little longer. For your knowledge and convenience, an estimated ‘Ships By’ date is mentioned on the product details page. While we always try to ship our products by the ‘Ships By’ date, sometimes certain contingencies can cause minor variations in the shipping date.
How long will you take to complete delivery for my order?
Barring remote areas and unforeseen circumstances delivery all over India is completed in 5 working days, sometimes even less. While we try to be as accurate as possible, due to factors outside our control all delivery schedules are estimates and are open to minor variations.
While International delivery times vary from country to country, in our experience delivery is completed approximately within 10-12 days from the date of dispatch.
What is you delivery procedure?
Our domestic logistics team makes 3 attempts on different days to complete delivery. The delivery is completed after obtaining proper identification from the person receiving the product.
International delivery follows standard industry protocols.
Is my order safe while it is in transit?
Have no fear. All goods will be fully insured by us until they reach you, so your purchase is 100% safe. Transit insurance is valid till the time/point of delivery.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes we do! We ship to 25 countries spread all over the globe. If you are not located in the countries that we ship to, don’t worry. Simply write in to us before or after placing your order to check if your country can be serviced. If our logistics partners are able to deliver to you, we will send a special quotation to you for the amount you will be charged for delivery to your address. If you choose to place your order before confirming delivery coverage & charges with us, your order will be shown as pending in the ‘My Orders’ section on your account details page. Once we update your order with the customised shipping & insurance charges you will have the option of completing your order by making the payment. To see the list of countries that are covered by us, please ‘Click Here’.
Should I take any precautions as an International buyer?
Please note that we are not responsible for any charges, duties and taxes that might be applicable/payable on the goods entering your country. Thus, it is better for you to research levies and procedures that might be applicable to the goods being shipped to your country before placing your order. As the seller we bear no responsibility for any such charges, contingencies or technicalities.


Are the images on your website of the actual product that will be sent to me?
Unlike many sites which post CAD images of product designs, the images shown on our website are of the actual products manufactured by us. The product that is sent to you will be the exact same design, but a piece that is made fresh for you.
How accurate are the images shown on the website?
Very Accurate! Just like seeing you in a photo and in person might be a slightly different experience, similarly there can be minor difference between a photo and the actual product. Factors like lighting and shooting angle have an unavoidable role to play in how the product looks in a photo. Also, certain gemstones can have minor variations from one batch to another. Regardless, you can make a well informed decision about how a piece of jewellery will look from the photographs we provide on our website.
Is there any way for me to get a closer look at the jewellery that I want to buy?
Absolutely! With our zoom feature you can see every part of your favourite design in great detail!
What kind of product details do you provide to help me make an informed purchase decision?
It is our firm belief that we should empower our patrons to help them make an informed purchase decision. To achieve this, we provide you details of the metal and gemstones used in our jewellery. We also try and provide you with relevant dimensions, like the length of earrings to create a more accurate picture of the product in your mind. The various parameters such as colour, sizes etc are also provided in our ‘Search’ feature, to allow you to easily locate the jewellery of your choice.
What are you doing to make this a safe buying experience for me?
Glad you asked! We use top end encryption in our payment process via our partner CCAvenue. CCAvenue uses the most powerful Verisign secure socket layer (SSL) for encrypting customer data during transmission. To put this into non-technical terms, it would take 340,000,000,000 years for today's fastest computers to crack Verisign SSL. Not only that, we do not store any of your payment information on our servers. Our protection extends to you beyond simply protecting your payment details. Your purchase goes through multiple quality checks before it’s approved for shipping. Not only that, we provide 100% Transit Insurance for all our shipments, so your purchase is safe and secure till it reaches your doorstep.
What is your Returns Policy?
Our return policy is a simple one and is valid only for domestic purchases.
Domestic Sales
  • A return can only be initiated if the product is found damaged on arrival.
  • In case the buyer finds that the parcel brought by the courier company is damaged; he/she must refuse to accept delivery and state the damaged nature of the goods as the reason for the same. The buyer must clearly indicate the damage to the packaging and the subsequent damage to the goods to the courier agent.
  • Once the buyer accepts the parcel, they imply that the goods have been received by them in proper condition. Once accepted, the order is considered complete and no return can be initiated from that point onwards.
  • In case of a damaged product being received, the buyer must immediately send a mail to and state the details of the order as well as the damage sustained by the goods.
  • Our team will immediately take up the matter with our logistics partner and upon verifying the buyer’s claim, will arrange for a replacement to be sent to the buyer as soon as possible, at no additional cost to the buyer. Should the buyer be desirous of a refund at this stage, the same will be processed for them.
  • If goods are returned due to incorrect address being provided, unavailability of person for receipt of goods at given address or due to any other fault of the buyer then the order will be considered forfeit unless the buyer pays for the return shipping from their address to our facility as well as re-shipping charges for sending the goods back to their address.
  • No Return facility is available to International Buyers.


Gifting is a wonderful experience for all involved. To make it easier for you to give a gift to your loved ones while still allowing them the freedom to choose a product of their liking, we have provided the option of Gift Cards on our website.

What gifting options do you have on your website?
At the moment we have provided a Gift Card section on our website. You can purchase gift cards ranging from Rs.5,000/- to Rs.50,000/- in value. Our gift cards are available in increments of Rs.5,000/- so you can pick an amount you are comfortable with.
What is the time validity of the Gift Card that I purchase?
Your gift card will be valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. After this time your gift card will expire and will no longer be usable.
How can I use my Gift Card?
  • A gift card can be used against any single order that you place on our website. This order can contain multiple items.
  • You have to enter your Gift Card Code during the purchase process, just before you click the ‘Place Order’ button. The Gift card Code is entered after you enter your shipping address, choose a payment option and proceed to the next page. Do not worry; the Gift Card box is clearly visible during the check out process. The amount of the gift card will be subtracted from your billing total once you apply the gift card code.
What happens if my gift card amount doesn’t exactly match the amount of my bill?
If your gift card amount is less than or equal to your billed amount then the entire amount of the gift card will be subtracted from the bill and only the balance if any will be payable. If your gift card amount is greater than your bill amount then the net amount payable by you will be zero, but any additional rupee amount left on the gift card will be forfeit. Eg: If Billed amount is Rs.35,000/- and Gift Card amount Rs.30,000/- then balance payable will be Rs.5,000/-. But if Billed amount is Rs.28,500/- and Gift card amount is Rs.30,000/- then balance payable is Rs.0/-, but the balance Rs.1,500/- on the gift card is forfeit.
When is a Gift Card said to be consumed?
A Gift Card is said to be consumed only when it has been applied to an order and payment for that order has been completed. If you cancel your order prior to completing payment or if your order is shown as pending for some reason; the gift card will not be shown as used/consumed. A Gift Card that is applied to an order that is showing as pending will be blocked till the time the order is completed or cancelled. If the order is completed, the gift card will be consumed, if on the other hand the order is cancelled, the gift card will be released for use once again.
Is a Gift Card Code and Promo/Discount Code one and the same thing?
No it’s not! A Gift Card Code is a code that deducts the Rupee value of the gift card from the total amount payable by you. It is entered in a separate box available during the purchase process. Promo/Discount codes apply percentage discounts to the price of the products being purchased by you. Promo/Discount Codes are applied on the Cart Page while Gift Card is applied later during the purchase process, after all your payment and shipping details have been entered.

Jewellery Care

Jewellery Care

Since we are a helpful bunch of people, we have Googled some basic jewellery care tips for you!

  • Jewellery reacts poorly to chemicals like soaps, detergents, chlorine etc. So it’s best that you remove your jewellery prior to taking bath/cleaning/entering the swimming pool etc.
  • Sweat and perfume are also harmful to the ‘finish’ and shine of your jewellery. So avoid wearing jewellery during physically strenuous activities and try to apply creams, perfumes etc before wearing your jewellery.
  • Despite this being a common sense suggestion it’s amazing how many people don’t do this. Your jewellery is delicate; please handle it with care as it can easily bend or break.
  • Both Silver and Gold can get scratched easily, so store individual items separately. Wrapping item in butter paper is a great cost effective way to protect jewellery from scratches. Storing jewellery in soft pouches with separate pockets is also helpful.
  • Storing jewellery, especially Silver jewellery with anti tarnish strips is a great idea to protect your jewellery from oxidants.
  • Travelling can be tough on jewellery, so it’s best to carry a jewellery case to help protect your jewellery while you’re mobile.
  • Regular cleaning with a soft cloth can go a long way in enhancing the life of your jewellery.
  • Dipping your jewellery in clean warm water is a safe way to get rid of dirt and particulate matter.
  • There are cleaning solutions specific to gold and silver jewellery available in the market. While these can do a good job of cleaning your jewellery, it is best to do your research before using such solutions. Remember, while the solution might clean the metal in your jewellery, it could end up harming any pearls or gemstones studded in your jewellery.
  • If your jewellery is losing its lustre then it’s best to take it to a professional jeweller for polishing. Most jewellers will do this for a nominal fee.
  • Never use or try and clean damaged jewellery as that will probably make matters worse. Immediately take your jewellery to a professional jeweller for repairs

For detailed information, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.