Adhish Sahrawat

Sonal Sahrawat (Creative Head)

With a background in commerce and an MBA in International Marketing, Adhish had never thought he would one day be using his experience to source rare gem stones from all around the world and working hard on establishing a dream he envisioned with his wife Sonal. He was working with an Indirect Tax Consultancy Firm when Sonal came to him with the idea of establishing Sonal's Bijoux – a high end jewellery design firm. Hesitation was never an option. He immediately knew this was the opportunity that he had been waiting for.

Thus Sonal's Bijoux was born – a brand that embodied high end jewellery designing & craftsmanship, combined with rare gemstones sourced from all over the world. And Adhish stood at its helm as the head of Operations and Marketing. The process of establishing Sonal's Bijoux was not an easy one. While Sonal was the creative mind behind the concept, he was the analytical one. Adhish travelled the world to ensure the availability of rare gemstones for Sonal's designs. He was also instrumental in building systems such as procurement, production, quality control, accounting, sales etc. from scratch. With no prior background in the field of jewellery designing, production or marketing, Adhish taught himself everything he knows about the business today, beginning right at the basics. It of course helped to have a talented partner like Sonal who led him through the creative aspects of jewellery design.

Adhish built Sonal's Bijoux around Sonal's expert creative conceptualization and their joint vision of creating something that was rooted in the core values of fair and equitable business practices. Today Adhish has settled in his role as the head of Operations with support role in designing, client interaction and budgeting for clients. The dream however, is to see Sonal's Bijoux reach dazzling heights of success in the near future, a journey he has already embarked upon.