Cocktail Rings

Date: 28.07.2015 Author: Sonal Sahrawat, Creative Head

Add an oomph quotient with cocktail rings, when you want to skip the excessive jewellery for an occasion. The trend which was invented in the 1920s and became a style statement in the late 50’s, has again emerged on the fashion forefront.

Whether you’re looking for one statement piece of jewellery to add interest to a classic look or you love to layer on colourful pieces, cocktail rings are a great way to express your personality and individual style. They tend to be oversized and feature glittering diamonds and/or coloured gemstones. Some believe that cocktail rings must feature a large precious or semi-precious coloured gemstone of over three or four carats. Others have included rings that feature a large, unique and dramatic design, regardless of the size of the centre stone. Everyone agrees however, that cocktail rings are all about expressing your personal style in a big way.

Cocktail rings can be worn during the day or in the evening. Day wear rings should be slightly smaller and less sparkly than those worn in the evening. The design chosen should match the occasion too.

There are different types of cocktail rings available in the market and online. The most common of them are animal motif rings. Rings shaped like your favourite animal, insect or type of candy will truly diversify your jewellery collection. Choose something personal when shopping for such cocktail rings and you can show the world that you love kittens, or find skulls totally adorable. The serpent and cheetah motif ring is taking rounds on the runway as well. These are a true representation of one’s wild and bold side. These look apt if worn with a LBD or a single coloured outfit like a black jumpsuit or a dark toned suit trouser.

Floral cocktail rings are also among the trendiest pieces of jewellery at the moment. A ring with a big flower made of large sized gemstones like rubies or blue sapphires, sculpted out of metal are all lovely additions to any ring wardrobe and will look pretty if worn with lacy gowns or dresses. Next are the large stone rings; these types of cocktail rings have large-sized gemstones set as the centre stone with small-sized diamonds on the outer side. These are a good match for ethnic wear.

In the end it’s important to choose rings which suit you and remember that a cocktail ring draws attention to the wearer’s hand. So, don’t forget to polish the nails and make the hands look presentable before putting the ring on!

The Big Fat Indian Wedding!

Date: 17.06.2015 Author: Sonal Sahrawat, Creative Head

   Of all the fun things to talk about, how about the Big Fat Indian Wedding! Ooh, what an exciting mix of emotions, near disasters, partying, squabbling and of course food! But no Indian wedding can ever be complete without jewellery!

   For the Bride and her entourage of family and friends, especially the women, bridal jewellery shopping is a critical part of the wedding, which takes up a lot of time, effort and of course money! For the longest time, regional tastes, traditions and elderly diktats have dictated the kind of jewellery which was purchased for the bride. Bridal jewellery purchasing was a well defined and regimented affair with little room for experimentation.

   But, there’s one thing that never changes with the passage of time and that is change itself. It might be a little slow or fast, but change is unavoidable. The new age woman is well read, well travelled, financially independent, and confident in her choices. Also, thanks to the information age, she is very well informed! The change that has taken place in bridal jewellery purchasing has been three fold.

   Firstly, with the power dynamic flowing from a group think to more of individual choice, every bride now wants to express her individuality through her jewellery. She wants her jewellery to speak for her and advertise her uniqueness. This means that nowadays the norm is, not to follow the norm! Brides are more willing to experiment with the look of their jewellery. Various gemstones and metals are being used to create a unique look.

We have been a designer house focused on customisation from the very beginning. Over the past couple of years we have seen more and more brides approach us to design something unique for them. They ask about exotic gemstones or different cuts available in mainstream gemstones. The focus is no longer on ensuring a big and expensive look for the jewellery.

The brides nowadays want creative designing, delicate craftsmanship and a unique look that makes heads turn. More than anything else, the new age bride wants her jewellery to be an extension of her personality. Beautiful and fearless or delicate and exotic, bridal jewellery is now not a statement in itself but a statement on behalf of its wearer.

   It is undeniable that we live in the information age! People now have unprecedented access both physical and virtual to different parts of the world. The world is now online and its exchanging ideas, views and experiences at a breathtaking pace. One could be sitting in a small town and keeping tabs on the fashion trends in Europe! Many brides to be have already travelled to multiple countries before their big day. They carry with them the fashion trends of the world! This fusion of ideas has led to an evolution of bridal jewellery in India.

International trends are often customised to local tastes and honestly, we love it. Having travelled to various destinations and being in touch with global fashion trends, I can easily associate with the thought process of the brides of today. The increasing local customisation of global trends is inevitable. So be prepared, the future is Glocal!!

   No matter how much we try, money has a funny way of finding its way into the middle of things. Jewellery buying is no different! Over the years, the price of gold, diamonds and coloured gemstones has increased. As a design house, we have noticed that designs which used to fall in the sub 20K category are now impossible to make below double the price.

While we would all love to splurge on top of the line stuff, with big diamonds, fancy gemstones and high purity gold; practical considerations often force us to make compromises. Personally, I don’t think that’s a bad thing! Necessity they say is the mother of all invention! In the case of jewellery, necessity is the mother of innovation and experimentation.

Brides are now willing to try combinations such as Gold-Swarovski, Silver-Diamonds, Gold-Synthetic Gemstones or Silver and precious gemstones. Materials such as leather and steel are now being experimented with as well. What these developments have done, is bring the focus squarely on jewellery designing. It is now the jewellery designer who can weave all these varied elements together to create a unique and beautiful piece of jewellery. I always tell my clients, if you want to talk about financial returns, go put your money in bonds and equities. If you are looking to invest in a thing of lasting beauty that stands apart and gives you the pleasure of ownership every time you look at it, then come to me. While all this variety makes things more complicated, it also makes the job of creating designer jewellery much more satisfying. After all, where’s the fun in achieving something that can be easily done!

The Relaunch

Date: 19.05.2015 Author: Adhish Sahrawat, CEO

Previously, I had spoken a bit about the launch of our Designer Silver Jewellery brand, Adawna. Today, I want to talk a bit about the second of the two endeavours, which have kept us busy over the past few months. I am of course talking about the launch of our online jewellery e-commerce portal.

Of course, has been online for many years now. But in its previous avatar it was a static website with a few of our gold and diamond jewellery designs from Sonal’s Bijoux uploaded on it. Despite the limited content uploaded by us, it was a matter of pride for me that a lot of people who visited the site complimented us on creating a website that effectively communicated the exclusivity of our design concepts and the designer ‘feel’ that lay at the core of Sonal’s Bijoux!

But the time was long past for us to do more with the beautiful medium that is the internet. Despite wanting to go online with our products on numerous occasions, we were always deterred by the fact that our designer gold and diamond jewellery might be too expensive a product to be purchased online. Would people be comfortable spending Rs.50,000/- or more online? Would the lack of a physical product to touch and feel be a hindrance?

But as time passed by, it became clear to us that the e-commerce revolution would not leave the jewellery industry untouched. In fact, it became more and more clear to us that given the right assurances and the proper information, people would be more than happy to make their jewellery purchases online!

In addition, the upcoming launch of our Designer Silver Jewellery brand, Adawna, gave us a great opportunity to familiarise a wide audience with our designing and crafting ability, while still allowing them to spend in a price range that everyone would be comfortable with. We thus decided that we would simultaneously work on launching Adawna as well as our online jewellery portal. While Adawna would give us an affordable product range, our new website would give Adawna a global platform to showcase itself.

I must say, despite thinking of myself as being reasonably tech savvy, I had little idea about the time and effort this online venture of ours would take. Hours and hours of conceptualisation, implementation and then week after week of fine-tuning were needed before anyone on our team was happy with the online platform we were building.

Here I would like to mention, we are not a large corporation with massive venture capital funding. But we take great pride in all our creations, be it a piece of jewellery or our website. Our entire team is driven by a desire to provide maximum satisfaction to our patrons. Resources like time and money, while important, can be worked around; but there is no replacement for honesty, hard work and dedication to a cause. While we cannot match large corporates in terms of resources, we find no excuse in that, to give our patrons anything but the best.

It is this approach that led us to delay the re-launch of till we were absolutely certain that we had a quality platform with sufficient supporting systems to provide our patrons with a smooth buying experience.

With the re-launch of our website we have opened ourselves up to the world. From this humble beginning, with our hard work and your support, we will expand our product line, delivery coverage and customer support to match the best in the world. And as always, we count on the feedback of our patrons to guide us towards excellence in production, delivery and service!

Before I go, it’s only fair that I leave you with some exciting news about the future. We will soon expand the Silver product line with new Rings being launched under Adawna. In addition, we will also launch our gold and diamond jewellery pieces by Sonal’s Bijoux on our website! So keep visiting our website and follow us on Facebook & Twitter to keep track of the latest updates from us!

A New Beginning

Date: 21.04.2015 Author: Adhish Sahrawat, CEO

On this very important and auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya I guess it is only right to talk about this new beginning for all of us. Over the past year and a half our team has worked tirelessly on two projects. While both projects were important in their own right, it was their interconnectivity and interdependence that made working on them really interesting.

Today, I am going to talk about our first endeavour, the launch of our designer Silver jewellery brand, Adawna. Conceptually, it was easy for us to start working on a jewellery portfolio for Adawna. The concepts of designing and crafting excellence, which helped Sonal’s Bijoux carve a niche for itself 5 years ago, were going to be the driving factors behind the launch of our new endeavour in Silver as well.

Working with Silver jewellery is different from making Gold & Diamond jewellery. While our craftsmen were more than up to the task of working with Silver, we did face a few challenges.

Firstly, as metals, there are subtle differences between Silver and Gold. It took us a little bit of time and quite a bit of experimentation to smoothen out the difficulties we were facing while working with Silver. While making simple designs is easy enough to do with Silver, making intricate jewellery pieces brings its own set of problems. Regardless, guided by our production head and encouraged by Sonal, our craftsmen soon became comfortable working with Silver. While the learning process always continues, we have now reached a point where we can take pride in the Silver jewellery that we offer to our patrons.

A second more interesting challenge that we initially faced was that of perception. In India, Silver jewellery is often synonymous with poor to mediocre craftsmanship and unimaginative designing. I was quite surprised, when our own craftsmen and designers looked less than pleased when we told them that we would be launching our brand of designer Silver jewellery! In their minds, Silver jewellery meant cheap stuff made by novice craftsmen, using poor quality materials!

It took a fancy presentation, a stern lecture by our Creative Head, Sonal Sahrawat and pure indignation on my part, that they thought we would ever consent to make poor quality jewellery, to finally convince the entire team that they were going to be part of something meaningful and exciting!

With Adawna, we have brought high-end craftsmanship to a price range that is affordable for a large number of people. The mix of genuine Swarovski crystals and a variety of gemstones gives our Silver jewellery an opulent look that stands the test of time!

Today it gives me great pleasure to present brand Adawna to the world, as an example of what jewellery making is all about. While materials such as Gold, Silver and precious & semi-precious gemstones and Diamonds all have their impact on the look and feel of jewellery, at the heart of jewellery making lies the ability to make and choose beautiful design concepts and then craft these designs into jewellery that gives its bearer great satisfaction and pride, in owning a thing of beauty!