Sonal’s Bijoux

Launched in December 2010, Sonal's Bijoux is a labour of love of husband-wife duo Adhish and Sonal Sahrawat. With a firm grounding in excellent creative concepts and the core values of fairness and equitable business practices, Sonal's Bijoux today stands proud as a shining beacon of what high end jewellery ought to be.

Sonal's Bijoux is a unique amalgamation of Indian aesthetics and international trends. The focus on quality craftsmanship is clearly defined with craftsmen that are highly skilled and remunerated, for their skilful handling of precious metals and gemstones. With Sonal, the creative mind behind the brand personally monitoring the entire process, the transition of designs from the drawing board into intricately crafted jewels is smooth and flawless.

Sonal's Bijoux lays a strong emphasis on quality design & workmanship and hence believes in producing a limited number of pieces in a given period of time. The brand is especially known for its mastery in creating customised jewels for its patrons.

At Sonal's Bijoux, the idea of high end jewellery is rooted in the time, effort and precision that is put into creating each jewelled piece and is in no way merely a term that defines the price. The belief that every design that is created has to be unique and something that the wearer will cherish for years to come and see fit to hand down from generation to generation, is what makes Sonal's Bijoux a designer jewellery brand that stands apart.


Despite the core beliefs of making high-end jewellery with a focus on crafting & designing excellence and not on price, it is but natural that using the medium of Gold & Diamonds often makes jewellery unaffordable for many. It is this desire, to make high-end jewellery available to all women of discerning taste that has driven Adhish & Sonal to launch their new brand, Adawna.

Brand Adawna is made in Silver & is set with genuine Swarovski Crystals and matching gemstones. The same values of quality craftsmanship & innovative design that are the core of Sonal’s Bijoux, also form the foundation of Adawna.

For too long, Silver Jewellery has been kept outside the universe of high-end jewellery. Silver jewellery has often been synonymous with cutting corners, mediocre workmanship and a narrow focus on lowering cost. With Adawna, we want to herald a brand that provides value to its patrons, through high quality finishing & materials that result in a product that is often indistinguishable from its higher priced Gold & Diamond variants.

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